We award scholarships and partner with local nonprofits to host back-to-school drives, as well as after-school and summer programs.

Food Security

We address food insecurity by supporting hunger relief programs and meal initiatives.

Health & Wellness

We promote a balanced lifestyle in the communities we serve by sponsoring health and wellness programs.

Workforce Development

We support training for job-relevant skills and providing a pathway toward economic success.

Related Affordable Foundation Scholarship supports affordable housing residents who aspire to attend accredited trade/professional institutions, colleges and universities. The goal of Related Affordable Foundation Scholarship Program is to eliminate economic barriers for young adults in their pursuit of post-secondary education.


After School Matters

The Chicago-based organization offers after-school and summer programs focused on arts, communications, leadership, sports and STEM. Their Peacemakers program empowers teens to counter violence through positive contributions in their community.

Blessings in a Backpack

The non-profit organization mobilizes communities, individuals and resources to provide kid-friendly, nutritious meals to food insecure students over the weekend.

Southside Boys and Girls Club

Aims to empower youth through safe and impactful experiences, graduate high school with a plan for college or career pathway, contribute back to the community, and ultimately live a healthy life.

City Harvest

The New York City-based organization helps build a path toward a food-secure future by rescuing millions of pounds of food, distributing to pantries and soup kitchens and assisting food-insecure individuals and families.


The Chicago-based organization offers advancement pathways through targeted apprenticeships, localized mentorship, direct investment, and specialized services to strengthen economic opportunities, engage youth, and develop sustainable careers.


The national organization is committed to ending playspace inequity by building kid-designed playspaces that can spark joy and foster a sense of belonging for kids who are often denied opportunities to thrive.

Mission Bit

The San Francisco-based organization strives to bridge the tech divide by making computer science more accessible through free coding classes and professional opportunity pathways to middle and high school students.

YMCA South Florida

The local organization’s Path to Health Program (YPHP) addresses the need for comprehensive strategies to improve the wellbeing of affordable housing residents experiencing overwhelming health inequities and health disparities.

Related Affordable Foundation is committed to breaking the generational cycle of poverty by partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide essential services in the areas of education, food security, health and wellness, and workforce development for affordable housing communities.

 Bookwalla Event
Bookwallah Magic Crates spreads the love of storytelling
Related Midwest and Related Affordable Foundation joined forces with Bookwallah to spread the power of reading by introducing children to books with in-person reading sessions and "Magic Crates" filled with inspiring books on a diverse range of topics.
Kaboom Build
South Carolina
KABOOM! and City of Anderson revitalize St. Francis Park through a community-led design process
Related Affordable Foundation proudly supports KABOOM! mission to end playspace inequity by partnering with the City of Anderson to build a multi-sport court at St. Francis Park.
After School Matters mural project
After School Matters partners with Related Affordable Foundation to unveil teen-created public art piece
Parkway Gardens teens showcased their creative talent with artist Erick “ROHO” Garcia through After School Matters art mural program.
YMCA Covid Vaccines
South Florida
YMCA South Florida facilitates the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine
Senior affordable housing residents express gratitude for YMCA South Florida outreach efforts, with support from the Related Affordable Foundation, to receive the COVID vaccine.
YCD Covid Response
Young Community Developers' COVID 19 Response
YCD is a nonprofit based in San Francisco. RAF provided funding for their COVID meal distribution program. This video speaks to the great work the entire team has been actively involved in since we went into shelter in place on March 12, 2020.
South Florida
Florida High Schools RISE to End Racism with YMCA
The Related Affordable Foundation is proud to support Y-RISE experiential-based program that educates and empowers youth and adult participants to become leaders in discussing and addressing matters of racism, prejudice, diversity and inclusion.