We award scholarships and partner with local nonprofits to host back-to-school drives, as well as after-school and summer programs.

Food Security

We address food insecurity by supporting hunger relief programs and meal initiatives.

Health & Wellness

We promote a balanced lifestyle in the communities we serve by sponsoring health and wellness programs.

Workforce Development

We support training for job-relevant skills and providing a pathway toward economic success.

Related Affordable Foundation Scholarship supports affordable housing residents who aspire to attend accredited trade/professional institutions, colleges and universities. The goal of Related Affordable Foundation Scholarship Program is to eliminate economic barriers for young adults in their pursuit of post-secondary education.

We are proud to have worked with these exceptional organizations.

Southside Boys & Girls Club

Transforming children’s lives through enriching after-school programs, supportive wraparound services and holiday events.

Dulles School of Excellence

Providing a safe, rigorous learning environment with academic and athletic after-school programs that transform educational success.

Blessings in a Backpack

Delivering free meals on the weekend that provide nourishment for children to learn and grow.

Mission Bit

Addressing the digital divide by offering free computer programming courses and professional opportunity pathways for under resourced youth.

YMCA South Florida

Addressing the need for comprehensive strategies to improve the wellbeing of affordable housing residents experiencing overwhelming health inequities and health disparities through the Path to Health Program (YPHP).

Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation

Improving access to affordable and healthy food through Growing Produce gardening program and partnership with online grocery delivery service.

After School Matters

Allowing teens to learn about the process of building peace, reflect on their communities and recognize their potential as leaders through the Peacemakers program.

Fareground Community Kitchen

Alleviating hunger by increasing access to healthy and affordable food through partnerships with local farmers and mobile food pantries.

Related Affordable Foundation is committed to breaking the generational cycle of poverty by partnering with nonprofit organizations to provide essential services in the areas of education, food security, health and wellness, and workforce development for affordable housing communities.

Local ministry’s ‘Holiday of Hope’ neighborhood party makes Christmas happen for families in need
With support from Related Affordable Foundation, Joy Ministries held a "Holiday of Hope" neighborhood party Saturday in the London Oaks community of Portsmouth.
Blessings in a Backpack Partners with Related Affordable Foundation to Feed Kids at Risk of Going Hungry on the Weekend
Starting in 2020, Blessings in a Backpack and Related Affordable Foundation began distributing backpacks full of food for elementary school children in the Blessings in a Backpack program across key areas with food insecurity across the country.
New York
Fareground, Inc. Expands “Dinner To Go” Program with Support from Related Affordable Foundation
Fareground, Inc., a women-run anti-hunger and food justice non-profit focusing on food insecurity since 2012, has partnered with Related Affordable Foundation to deliver food to communities in need.
Young Community Developers' COVID 19 Response
YCD is a nonprofit based in San Francisco. RAF provided funding for their COVID meal distribution program. This video speaks to the great work the entire team has been actively involved in since we went into shelter in place on March 12, 2020.
South Florida
YMCA South Florida facilitates the equitable distribution of COVID-19 vaccine
Senior affordable housing residents express gratitude for YMCA South Florida outreach efforts, with support from the Related Affordable Foundation, to receive the COVID vaccine.
Chicago’s After School Matters Peacemakers Program Nurtures Young Community Leaders
The Related Affordable Foundation is proud to support Peacemakers at Parkway Gardens, an After School Matters program that empowers Chicago teenagers to counter violence through positive contributions to their communities.